Sweet Memories Vintage Tees

Nestled on Trumbull Avenue between Youngstown and Girard, Ohio, Sweet Memories Vintage Tees has created a unique getaway back in time. It started as a vintage t-shirt business back in 2020 when Linda Barton, owner of Sweet Memories Vintage Tees and New Dawn Design, reached out to Good Humor Ice Cream and got her first license for screen printing novelty t-shirts. Linda learned that Good Humor had a deeper history with the city of Youngstown than she had realized, having started in the city in 1920 and being the first company that sold ice cream on a stick. She has since expanded her novelty t-shirt line to dozens of iconic brands, such as Popsicle®, Isaly’s®, Klondike®, Breyers® Ice Cream, as well as the U.S. Army®, America’s Navy®, Packard Car & Electric, U.S. Air Force®, the U.S. Space Force®, Idora Park and many more licensed brands.

In February of 2023, Sweet Memories Vintage Tees expanded into selling vintage candy from its licensed brands of t-shirts. Some of these popular candy brands include Tootsie Roll, PEZ®, NECCO®, Smarties®, Sweethearts®, Dum Dums®, Airheads®, Peeps®, Mike & Ike®, Hot Tamales, Bit-O-Honey, Black Jack & Beemans chewing gums and many more!

On November 23, 2023, the company cut the ribbon on its latest expansion, growing once again from its delectable treats and iconic novelty t-shirts to retro toys. This expansion will captivate the hearts of collectors and bring a sense of nostalgia and whimsy to shoppers of all ages. The 5,000 square foot space is filled with novelties that you have not seen for decades!

Check out the launch video below.