Kirila Fire

Join us in celebrating another success with one of our exciting export clients, Kirila Fire!

Kirila Fire designs and builds fire training equipment that provides exercises for fire fighters around the world. They recently completed an F-35 fighter jet aircraft fire trainer for the Canadian military. The trainer was built to give soldiers hands-on experience fighting aircraft fires. The F-35 trainer has multiple fire locations on the jet to simulate real-life crash scenarios.

The company has created numerous trainers for a variety of industries, including aircraft, automotive, flashover structures, HAZMAT, helicopters, prefabricated burn buildings, military, and more. Kirila Fire is known worldwide and has exported for over a decade to 20 countries including Canada, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Germany.

Kirila Fire celebrated the completion of the F-35 fighter jet at their facility in Brookfield, Ohio with employees, friends, and family gathering for a cookout and to watch the trainer in action!